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    • Essays on the Interdependence of Earnings Quality, Financing Options, and Executive Contractual Clause 

      Ujah, Nacasius U. (Texas A&M International University, 2013-12)
      These essays explore the events which prompt managers to managing a firm’s earnings. Using econometric investigative tools and US Firm data, I find that managing earnings is exacerbated by golden parachute provision to ...
    • Three Essays On Gender Diversity 

      Oyotode Epse Adebile, Renee
      Recently, there has been significant debate on the leadership role of women. This dissertation supplements this discussion by revisiting the impact of gender diversity on firms and investors. The first chapter tests the ...
    • Three Essays on Syndicated Loan Partnerships 

      Enkhtaivan, Bolortuya; 0000-0001-9621-7439
      The purpose of this dissertation is to contribute to the syndicated loan literature. More specifically, this dissertation is composed of three chapters and each chapter explores different aspects. First, we examine syndicated ...